Bhumi India Run | Bhumi India Run | Bengaluru
Bhumi, NGO, Youth Organisation
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Bhumi India Run | Bengaluru

After successful editions of Bhumi India Run in Bengaluru, we are now excited to present the next edition on 2 December 2018!

Bhumi as an organisation believes that every underprivileged child deserves quality education and helps educate over 25,000 children in Bengaluru and across India. The Bhumi India Run is an opportunity to spread the awareness of our cause and fitness, at the same time raise funds for education of the underprivileged.

Runs for education (timed) - 10 KM | 5 KM: Rs. 550

Walkathon for education - 3 KM: Rs. 350

Hydration support & Refreshment

Medals & E-certificates

Hydration support & Refreshment

Medals & E-certificates

December 2, 2018, Sunday

Cubbon Park, Bengaluru

2018 Bhumi India Run Partners

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