Bhumi India Run | Front Runner – Amisha Wadkar
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Front Runner – Amisha Wadkar

Front Runner – Amisha Wadkar

Front Runners are exceptional individuals who run for the cause of educating children at Bhumi. Every stride they take helps Bhumi support the children with their literacy, numeracy and life skills. Thank you, Front Runners – for taking us forward in this journey of Change.

1) Tell us a little about yourself & how did your start running? 

I am Amisha Wadkar, I was working in Dubai as logistics operation Manager. I shifted back to India permanently in 2013 as my mother was suffering from renal cancer & my father-in-law had squamous cell carcinoma (cancer in esophagus). My father-in-law was at his last stage of cancer and could not survive.

2) What made you take up running? 

The death of my father-in-law brought in a consciousness of being healthy and fit. I started running since then.

3) What does running mean to you?

I am addicted to running and it has become my passion. Running has brought a lot of memories as I meet selfless people from different walks of life, and cannot stay away from the running community. 

4) What is the source of your inspiration? What keeps you motivated to continue running ? 

I am a self-motivated person and love to run solo, I don’t have any coach or mentor. I do have a group, where I share my workouts, to motivate upcoming runners and also share upcoming running events. I have won: 

*3 medals in Asian Masters championship. 

*Masters National Athletics championship 

*Masters Athletic state meet 

*Podiums in many marathons.

These achievements inspire me to go further into the world of marathon.

5) Do you think running should be associated with a cause? Why?

Running should be associated with a cause to help the needy, the poor, the unprivileged or it would be just another game of commercial.

6) How do you associate Bhumi with the cause you believe in ?

Aged and children are weakest section of people in the society. Educating a child can build a strong nation. Children are our country’s future, they should be nurtured.

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