Bhumi India Run | Front Runner- Dr Radha Kumar
Bhumi, NGO, Youth Organisation
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Front Runner- Dr Radha Kumar

Front Runner- Dr Radha Kumar

Front Runners are exceptional individuals who run for the cause of educating children at Bhumi. Every stride they take helps Bhumi support the children with their literacy, numeracy and life skills. Thank you, Front Runners – for taking us forward in this journey of Change.

  1. Tell us a little about yourself! 

I am a Doctor and a Professor of Paediatrics by profession. I am extremely passionate about my work and profession. It allows me to serve patients with a smile and teach medical undergraduate and postgraduate students with joy. 

  1. What made you take up running?

I took to running purely to improve my health and fitness. I am thankful to all the people who support me because since the day I signed up for this I have never stopped. I have been running since 6 years now. I started with a 10 k event in TWCM in 2012. And that became a habit which would eventually be part of my routine. I cannot thank enough to all the support and motivation of my running group CHENNAI RUNNERS PILLAR. 

  1.  What does running mean to you?

Running balances my life by maintaining physical and mental health. It is a stress buster and it energizes me for the whole day! It helps to keep illness at bay and keeps me fit. Most importantly, it makes me feel healthy and fresh throughout. 

  1.  What is the source of your inspiration? What keeps you motivated to continue running?

My husband and friends from my running group #CRPP. I have to thank them for constantly supporting me and encouraging me. #PinkathonChennai and friends in social media are my other sources of inspiration. 

  1.  Do you think running should be associated with a cause? Why?

Yes, it helps to combine fitness and social responsibilities to the society. This year I am especially excited since the Bhumi run falls on 7 April, World Health Day! “Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere” is the theme for this year. This doubles my excitement for this year’s Bhumi India Run. 

  1. How do you associate Bhumi with the cause that you believe in?

Good Health of children is the top priority for our country. It should be made universally available, and the world health day theme coincides with the cause of Bhumi which is extensively involved in educational programs and learning for children.

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