Bhumi India Run | Front Runner- Pinky Ranjeet
Bhumi, NGO, Youth Organisation
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Front Runner- Pinky Ranjeet

Front Runner- Pinky Ranjeet

Front Runners are exceptional individuals who run for the cause of educating children at Bhumi. 

Every stride they take helps Bhumi support the children with their literacy, numeracy and life skills.

Thank you, Front Runners – for taking us forward in this journey of Change.

Tell us a little about yourself!

My name is Pinky Ranjeet and I’m a Bangalorean.  Fitness is my passion. I love playing any kind of sport. I have done a number of 10 km and Half Marathon events and simultaneously I play badminton as well. It’s more of a lifestyle for me. My day will start with any kind of exercise. That’s my first priority. Taking care of your health and body should be each one’s responsibility as that’s the only place we are going to live in.

What made you take up running? 

I used to be an athlete when I was in school around 25 years ago. After that, I never ran. A few years ago when I started gymming I was not able to run more than a minute. So it became a kind of a challenge because I like facing challenges. I then slowly did a 1 min run, 2 min walk and kept increasing and in 3 months I was ready to run 10 km. After that in a month, I trained for a HM. It wasn’t easy but nothing comes easy. So it’s been 5 years of running. It’s still challenging for me and that’s the reason I had taken up running. It keeps me active, stress-free, keeps my weight in check and also builds a good immune system.

What does running mean to you?

 Running means being #grateful #healthy #happy #fit #peaceful #stronger. It’s ‘ME’ time. Meditative in nature. It’s important for everyone to spend time with yourself every day and running can be a medium for doing that. 

What is the source of your inspiration? What keeps you motivated to continue running?

The desire to be fit and healthy always is what keeps me going. As a mom, I want to set this example for my son so that he leads a healthy lifestyle too. The motive is to inspire at least one person a day to move towards a healthy lifestyle. 

Do you think running should be associated with a cause? Why?

Yes.! As it is a medium to spread awareness about the cause and also about being fit.

How do you associate Bhumi with the cause you believe in?

Bhumi has an important cause for the Education of children from vulnerable backgrounds, and I am immensely proud of associating myself with this cause through my love for running. 

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